PPG Paint – Changing the Auto Repair Market

PPG Paint – Changing the Auto Repair Market

PPG paint is a well-known staple of the industry as well as a technology leader changing the face of the automotive repair paint market. Their Envirobase High-Performance automotive paint is a waterborne product initially created to meet VOC legislation requirements. VOCs or volatile organic compounds are harmful to the environment and organisms exposed to them. The work and research PPG put into this paint product not only benefited the environment but many other aspects of the auto painting industry.

PPG Paint Benefits

PPG Envirobase High Performance automotive paint has several high-impact benefits to auto body repair and paint shops as well as the final consumer.

  • Color Matching Process: One of the biggest benefits of PPG Envirobase High-Performance auto paint is the color matching process. Unlike traditional auto paint, there is no need to create a sample spray card to match a car’s color. With over 6000 color chips already on hand in the shop, technicians can simply select a pre-made color card to find the best match. Newer colors can be determined with a rapid scanner reader.
  • Anti-settle Technology: This may not sound like a significant benefit, but it is. There is no need for any paint agitating before or during pain matching or painting. The microgel technology in the paint eliminates several steps from the process of blending colors and additives (all which need agitating at different parts of the process with other paints). Also, PPG Envirobase High-Performance paint touts a longer shelf life for all paints, additives, topcoats, and mixed color pots.
  • Drying Time: PPG paint technology requires fewer steps, and each step requires less drying time than traditional automotive paints.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Born from the idea of reducing VOSs, this paint contains no lead and low hazardous air pollutants.

What does that all mean to you as a consumer? The time saved in the color matching process and the lack of agitation needed to save your auto body repair shop time and labor costs. Less paint is used, also saving money. Fewer steps in the process of mixing, adding additives and agitating translates into less opportunity for human error, also saving money. Longer shelf life creates less waste and inventory management allowing for more inventories in-house. This ensures a quicker turnaround on your auto repair. All of these factors allow your auto body repair shop to pass the saving onto you.

Look for an Auto Repair Shop that uses PPG Paint

PPG Paint technology has added enormous benefits to auto repair shops and their consumers. Find PPG Envirobase High Performance paints at Barbosa's Kutom Kolor, 9220 NW 63rd Street, Parkville, MO 64152PPG Envirobase High-Performance automobile paint is an industry leader in high-quality paints. It is even endorsed with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. The paints also perform well. PPG paints stand the test of time; resist corrosion due to chemicals and environmental factors. If you need auto body repair or painting in the Kanas City area, Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor uses PPG Envirobase High-Performance automobile paint. They will provide you with quality repairs, excellent paint matching, help with insurance claims and rental car assistance. Call Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor at (816) 741-6348 to learn more about how they can get you back on the road in no time. Prefer to request an estimate online? Visit their request an estimate page to get started.

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