Scratch & Dent Repair

Scratch & Dent Repair

It can ruin your day to park your car, run into a store or go to school or work and come out to find your car scratched. Scratch and dent are fixing smaller repairs such as the one that might occur in a parking lot when someone opens their car door into yours. Typically, as a car owner, you can’t assign blame for the event to anyone as you can’t prove which car opened their door into yours (unless you witness it while it is happening. When this happens your door paint may be chipped, there may be a slight gouge in the door or a scratch. Customers who bring cars to us can expect us to either treat it as a Paintless Dent Repair or to repair the area with sanding and refinishing to take care of the chipped paint.

Scratches can be the result of a car key scratch or a package that is inadvertently dragged over the surface of your car or your dog’s nails scratch the car attempting to jump into it. A scratch that needs special attention is one that goes through the surface coat into the base color.

Scratch and Dent Repair Process

Sanding is the first step of fixing the scratch. If the scratch is deep Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor will also prime the panel and block the area to make sure it is straight. The next step is sealing the scratch (to avoid rust in the future) paint, polish and get the car ready to deliver to the customer. The process for tackling the repair of a scratch depends on the size of the scratch.

Small Scratches

A small scratch that is not too deep may only need to be buffed or polished to repair it. Any time you polish a scratch to remove it you are also removing the clear coat and removing the clear coat leaves a slight dish in the clear coat. If you remove too much of the clear coat, you also remove the UV protection. The final step in a small scratch is reapplying the clear coat. If this step is missed, the car color will be affected in different ways.

Repairing your scratches with OTC kits

Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor does not advocate that customers use an over the counter kit to fix any scratches on their car. Those kits may stop the rusting temporarily, but it will not look as professional as taking it to an expert to have your scratch repaired. However, if the scratch is down low on a quarter panel more underneath the car, someone may choose to use this kit. But if the scratch is in a place on your car that is more visible, then a professional repair is warranted.

How to avoid getting your car door scratched?

Have Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor apply door guards to the door panel.

Although not used as much, there are moldings that can also be applied to help avoid scratches. There are different kinds and color options.

Although a small scratch on the underside of a low quarter panel might seem like a do it yourself scratch and dent repair, any scratches on your car that is visible to you every day should be repaired by a professional scratch and dent auto body repair shop. If your car was scratched, bring it by the shop. We can look at it and give you an estimate about how to best protect your clear coat and avoid any rust in the future.