Back to School Driving Safety Tips

Back to School Driving Safety Tips

Whether you love it or your dread it, back to school is upon us. Students and teachers are collecting new school supplies, choosing their outfits and getting up earlier as summer draws to a close. For those unaffected by the school schedule, summer traffic is often a pleasant experience. With fewer cars and buses on the roads, travel time to work is often reduced. But that season is over and it’s time to be cognizant of back to school traffic, children, and buses.

key back to school driving tips


*School buses: When traveling behind a school bus it is wise to allow a greater following distance since the bus will most likely be stopping often. On an undivided road, never pass a bus from behind while it is loading or unloading children. Bus road rules for different types of roads situations vary depending on your state. Always practice patience and caution.

*Young pedestrians: Surprisingly bus-related child deaths are mostly caused while children are walking to or from a bus. Always travel slowly through school zones and heed the directions of the school patrol officer and the crossing guard. Be alert around playgrounds for children darting across the street.

*School zones: When picking up or dropping children off at their schools, again, patience is necessary. All drivers are in a hurry and frustrations can flare quickly. Follow the individual school guidelines for traffic patterns, wait your turn and only drop off in safe, designated areas. Carpooling is a great way to reduce the number of cars in line.

New teen drivers are on the roads

Young high schoolers are now on the roads daily. They lack experience and maybe sometimes the best judgment. Often their young minds don’t consider risky behaviors as truly deadly. A big concern with young drivers is cell phone use. They may have texted or talked on the phone while driving without incident in the past. When “at-risk” behaviors continue without negative outcomes, they often convince themselves it is safe. Parents, teachers, coaches and community leaders need to continually remind teens of the risks. Parents can require young adults to use cell phone apps that reduce risky behaviors. TextArrest is a free app that disables texting and email when it senses the phone is traveling over 5 miles per hour. Drive safely Pro is a paid app that reads aloud text and emails and automatically responds without having to touch a button. There are many more options when it comes to cell phone apps that can help your teen. Ask your friends and neighbors and do a little research to find the right fit.

Keep Back to School Driving Safe

If we can all practice patience in the mornings and evenings, we can all get where we need to go. Everyone is in a hurry and has much to accomplish. Remembering that our young ones are on those buses, are crossing the streets and are even behind the wheel can help keep things in perspective. Slow down and stay alert this school year and who knows, you just might save a life.

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4 Summer Driving Dangers to Keep in Mind

4 Summer Driving Dangers to Keep in Mind

Summer is the season of fun. The kids are off from school and many plan vacations, day trips, and activities. The weather is warmer; the pool is open and the pace a bit slower. Well, not necessarily when it comes to the roads. Summer driving is notoriously dangerous. There are more car insurance claims nationwide over the summer months and more vehicles damaged. Even though summer is a time to relax and unwind, remaining focused and aware while driving is still essential.

Summer Driving – what to watch for

Of course, driving is always hazardous and requires focus. Certain conditions often present during the summer can be especially dangerous. These four situations are important to keep in mind.

Traffic Volume – Even though school is out and traditional rush hour may seem a little lighter, the volume of cars on the road significantly increases during the summer. Some days it feels as though everyone is out on the roads. This can lead to more congestion and more stop-and-go traffic throughout the day. Traffic often leads to frustration. Patience is a virtue when it comes to summer driving.

Teenagers – Dubbed the 100 deadliest days of driving for teens, summer can be dangerous. Teens are out of school, driving to summer jobs, hanging out with friends and simply on the roads more. They lack experience which can lead to more accidents. Being aware of other drivers, especially teens can often help avoid collisions.

Motorcycles & Cyclists – The warmer weather is a perfect opportunity for all 2-wheelers to hit the roads. Motorcycles and bikers are often harder to see, especially when switching lanes. Always look twice and use your mirrors before changing lanes. It could save a life.

Weather – Summer weather can be unpredictable. Even though snow and ice aren’t a problem, heavy and sudden rains can be just as dangerous. Drivers should always be cautious of flash flooding from sudden downpours. Standing water can cause vehicles to hydroplane and oily roads often become slick soon after rainfalls. Slowing down, using your wipers and never driving through large puddles are smart ways to avoid issues.

Auto Accidents Still Happen

No matter what the season or how cautiously you drive, auto accidents still occur. When the dust clears and it’s time to get your car back in shape Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor in Parkville, MO is there to help. Their top-quality repairs and paint service will get you back on the road quickly. Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor is a company you can trust. They’ll give you an honest quote and perform the work promised. You’ll be happy you trusted them. Call (816) 741-6348 today should summer driving prove hazardous to your car.
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Quality Car Paint Job – You Get What you Pay For

Quality Car Paint Job – You Get What you Pay For

Getting in an automobile accident is scary and frustrating. Dealing with the aftermath is often the worst part. Depending on how bad the accident is, lawyers, insurance, and doctors might be involved. Most don’t enjoy the hassle of all that has to be accomplished to get life back to normal. Being without a car if it has been damaged is inconvenient, to say the least. When you take your car to an Auto Body Repair Shop to get it fixed the process most likely included car painting. Some shops offer paint jobs for as little as $129. This service might be affordable, but shops that offer these rates are cutting corners. Knowing all that goes into a quality car paint job is key to making an informed decision when selecting the right auto body repair and paint shop.

The Car Painting Process

A quality car painting process requires many steps that are both time and labor intensive. Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor in Parkville, MO takes the time to properly prep a car and paint it correctly. Their process includes taking the sections of the car being painted apart. The car painting process is labor and time intensive. They do it the right way at Barbosa's Kustom Kolor in Parkville, MO.Just like in the factory where cars are produced, each part is painted and then assembled into a complete car. Technicians at Barbosa’s remove all pieces of the car, including door handles, molding, mirrors, bumpers and other parts. Windows and tires are taped off. All pieces are sanded to remove imperfections, dents and chips and then masked. Then the process of painting begins. 2 coats of sealer are applied first then 3-5 coats of professionally matched color and finally 2-3 coats of clear coat on top. Each coat requires a certain amount of drying time or flashing in between, determined by the current temperature. Technicians must have all the coats ready to go in advance and apply them within the proper time necessary. Once the painting is complete the car is reassembled, polished and cleaned to look brand new.

Discount Car Paint Jobs Just won’t cut it

The time and labor intensive process at Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor produces a quality car paint job designed to make your car look as good as new. Auto body shops that offer car paint jobs for $129 or less are not performing the full process. Many are big companies with many stores across the nation. They purchase large quantities of popular car paint colors at discount rates and distribute them to all their locations. The color they use to paint your car most likely won’t be your specific color. They won’t take your car apart and sand away small dents. They often won’t even paint the inside of your car. The only way they can offer lower rates on car paint jobs is by cutting corners in the process. Paints that are not applied correctly can peel or chip. They can show lines where the old and new paint meet and they can look horrible.

Get a Quality Paint Job at Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor

Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor stands behind all their car paint jobs. If you want your car to look like new and its paint job to stand the test of time, rely on Barbosa’s. Car accidents happen. It’s a part of life. Knowing you have an honest and reliable company that will get you back on the road with quality repairs and paint will give you peace of mind. When it comes to car paint jobs, you get what you pay for! Keep that in mind!
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Car Problems you can often avoid

Car Problems you can often avoid

It’s never a good day when your car doesn’t work. We often take for granted that our cars will work every time we turn the key, but sometimes they don’t cooperate. Of course, regular maintenance is essential for cars with so many moving parts that work together. Over time, belts wear down, the friction causes damage and parts need replacement. There are however some car problems that can be avoided before things go bad. Here we’ll discuss two issues that can cause major damage to your vehicle and how you can avoid them.

Storm Water can cause Big Car Problems

It seems like every time you turn on the TV there are storms across the nation wreaking havoc. Often flooding can occur which can create car problems you may not be aware of. When a car is parked in a flooded area, there isn’t much that can be done. When driving its best to a route when you know flooded roads are up ahead. It’s very difficult to estimate how deep floodwaters are and trying to drive through floodwaters is not only a dangerous gamble for the driver and passengers, but can cause major damage to your car. Most cars have modules for the airbags under the bottom of the center console. Should these modules become submerged, they can become completely inoperable, meaning your car will have to be replaced. Even small amounts of water can damage the airbags and insurance companies will not pay to have them fixed. They will consider the car totaled. Your best bet if caught in a flooded road situation is to slowly back your car out and take another route. Keep yourself, your passengers and your car safe.

Critters and Car Problems

Car won’t start? Headlights blinking? It sounds like a strange car problem. Surprisingly, critters could be the culprit. Small animals like mice and squirrels like to chew on things to sharpen their teeth. If they find a feast of exposed wires under your car, they might think they've hit the jackpot. This can be an expensive car problem. Removing and replacing chewed wires is not an easy task. Avoiding these electrical issues could be as easy as keeping your car in a garage. This, however, is not always possible. It’s a good idea to park your car in an open area, near your home where the activity will keep animals away. Don’t park near the woods or next to trash receptacles. Sometimes having a vigilant house pet can help drive critters away too.

Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor will fix your Auto Body Problems

Car problems can be expensive to repair, but a bit of caution and preparation can sometimes save your wallet. When a car accident occurs, knowing a reliable auto body shop you can trust is important. Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor cannot fix the mechanical or electrical car problems, but they can help with any auto body repairs you may need. They’ll talk with your insurance adjuster and help you get a rental car. We can all be plagued by car problems. Barbosa’s is always here to get you back on the road quickly!
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3 Car Noises you Shouldn’t Ignore

3 Car Noises you Shouldn’t Ignore

We all know that sinking feeling when our car starts making a strange sound. We think about ignoring it and hope it will just go away. There are however certain car noises not to be ignored. They can lead to much worse problems down the road costing more money in the end. Some car noises can even be a warning of something making your car more susceptible to an accident or complete breakdown. There are three important sounds you should pay particular attention to.

Car Noises and what they can mean

1.Squealing during acceleration: We’ve all heard the high-pitched squealing sound some cars make when accelerating. This one is tough to ignore because it can be so loud, turning heads all around you. This tell-tale sound is often an indication that you have a fan or timing belt issue. This belt can be loose or reaching the end of its life. The bad news is once it snaps, your engine won’t work. These belts don’t last forever and many cars have maintenance tips for when it should be replaced. This might be a costly repair. The belt typically serpentines through your engine requiring a good amount of labor to replace.

2. Knocking inside the engine or when turning: Knocking sounds deep in the engine of your car can be a sign of serious issues. Rod bearing can be worn out or another part has come loose and is banging against the inside of the engine somewhere. This is a sound that should not be ignored. Bring your car right to the repair shop. If you experience a knocking sound when turning, coming from the front of the car, it could indicate a worn or failing CV joint. Again, this needs a timely trip to the repair shop for diagnosis. Driving could be dangerous depending on how bad the CV joint is.

3. Squeaking when braking: Most modern cars have a built-in squeak tab to alert drivers that their brake pads are worn. The squeak can start off small but continuously grow louder. It’s a good time to have your brake pads checked. If they become too thin, you can damage the rotors causing much more expensive repairs.

Keep your car in good shape on the inside and the outside

Keeping your car in good shape can be an expensive prospect but regular maintenance and paying attention to car noises can save money in the long run. Worn parts can fail which can cause worse engine damage or even an accident. Pay attention to these noises and find a mechanic you can trust to let you know about important repairs. When auto body repairs are needed, trust Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor located in Parkville, MO. They will get your car back in shape, deal with the insurance companies and even help arrange a loaner car. You’re in good hands at Barbosa’s.
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PPG Paint – Changing the Auto Repair Market

PPG Paint – Changing the Auto Repair Market

PPG paint is a well-known staple of the industry as well as a technology leader changing the face of the automotive repair paint market. Their Envirobase High-Performance automotive paint is a waterborne product initially created to meet VOC legislation requirements. VOCs or volatile organic compounds are harmful to the environment and organisms exposed to them. The work and research PPG put into this paint product not only benefited the environment but many other aspects of the auto painting industry.

PPG Paint Benefits

PPG Envirobase High Performance automotive paint has several high-impact benefits to auto body repair and paint shops as well as the final consumer.
  • Color Matching Process: One of the biggest benefits of PPG Envirobase High-Performance auto paint is the color matching process. Unlike traditional auto paint, there is no need to create a sample spray card to match a car’s color. With over 6000 color chips already on hand in the shop, technicians can simply select a pre-made color card to find the best match. Newer colors can be determined with a rapid scanner reader.
  • Anti-settle Technology: This may not sound like a significant benefit, but it is. There is no need for any paint agitating before or during pain matching or painting. The microgel technology in the paint eliminates several steps from the process of blending colors and additives (all which need agitating at different parts of the process with other paints). Also, PPG Envirobase High-Performance paint touts a longer shelf life for all paints, additives, topcoats, and mixed color pots.
  • Drying Time: PPG paint technology requires fewer steps, and each step requires less drying time than traditional automotive paints.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Born from the idea of reducing VOSs, this paint contains no lead and low hazardous air pollutants.
What does that all mean to you as a consumer? The time saved in the color matching process and the lack of agitation needed to save your auto body repair shop time and labor costs. Less paint is used, also saving money. Fewer steps in the process of mixing, adding additives and agitating translates into less opportunity for human error, also saving money. Longer shelf life creates less waste and inventory management allowing for more inventories in-house. This ensures a quicker turnaround on your auto repair. All of these factors allow your auto body repair shop to pass the saving onto you.

Look for an Auto Repair Shop that uses PPG Paint

PPG Paint technology has added enormous benefits to auto repair shops and their consumers. Find PPG Envirobase High Performance paints at Barbosa's Kutom Kolor, 9220 NW 63rd Street, Parkville, MO 64152PPG Envirobase High-Performance automobile paint is an industry leader in high-quality paints. It is even endorsed with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. The paints also perform well. PPG paints stand the test of time; resist corrosion due to chemicals and environmental factors. If you need auto body repair or painting in the Kanas City area, Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor uses PPG Envirobase High-Performance automobile paint. They will provide you with quality repairs, excellent paint matching, help with insurance claims and rental car assistance. Call Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor at (816) 741-6348 to learn more about how they can get you back on the road in no time. Prefer to request an estimate online? Visit their request an estimate page to get started.
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Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips

Winter is here. The snow is here as is the ice that sometimes hides beneath the snow. Granted, living in the Midwest has its privileges but driving in the winter weather is not one of them. Ice is no friend to drivers. If you are very young or on the older side, driving in winter conditions is even more stressful. Roads covered in well-packed snow may also have a thin layer of ice underneath. Most drivers would rather stay put at home, given the luxury of such a choice. Here are a few winter driving tips that may help you avoid an accident.Get winter driving tips from the auto body shop that cares, Barbosa's Kustom Kolor, Parkville, MO There are more fatalities in Missouri and Kansas due to icy road conditions than tornadoes. In the U.S., over 116,00 people are injured, and 1,300 are killed on snowy, ice roads every winter.

Winter driving: Keep your tires properly inflated

Most car owners tend to underinflate their tires in the winter thinking more tire surface on the road is useful for traction. The fact is, an underinflated tire will roll side to side causing excessive wear and tear on the tires. It also increases your inability to control your car in snow and ice. If you underinflate your tire for snow and ice, thinking this will help the car with traction in these conditions, do you inflate them when the ice melts? More than likely not. Overinflating your tire will make them hard, and they will slip even more. Most accidents that happen in snow and icy conditions are the results of a slip and slide. Your car becomes uncontrollable, it slips and hits a curb or another car. If you have an accident due to heavy snow or icy road conditions, your insurance company will put the responsibility for the accident on the driver, not on the road conditions. It is best to make sure you have liability, comprehensive and collision coverage. Talk to your insurance agent about how best to ensure you are covered in the event you have an accident in wintery conditions.

Winter Driving: Insurance coverage and Accident Repairs

Talk to your insurance agent about how best to ensure you are covered in the event you have an accident in wintery conditions. If your car is damaged in a winter accident, make sure you contact Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor for your auto body repair work. Barbosa’s will fix your car properly to ensure it is free from rust and the exterior structure of the car will be expertly maintained in the repair process.
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Earth Friendly Body Shop

Earth Friendly Body Shop

Some businesses do their best to be more environmentally friendly. They recycle the paper and cans, and bottles their employees use at the office. These small steps are a step in the right direction. Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor goes beyond those baby steps and has made a larger commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.

Barbosa’s is run on Solar Power

When Rey Barbosa bought the building for his body shop, his electricity bill hovered around $748 a month. There are a lot of moving parts and energy that is required when you are re-creating a customers’ car body after an accident. The decision was made to not only reduce costs but to choose products that would have less of a chemical impact on the community. Current light fixtures and bulbs were replaced with energy-saving CFL bulbs. In conjunction with the local Power and light company, solar panels were added to the roof. The energy bills for Barbosa's is now 75% less than it was. The shop’s extra solar power goes back to KCP &L when their demand is less than the panels provide!

Earth Friendly PPG Auto Body Paint

Barbosa's Kustom Kolor,Barbosa's Kutom Kolor, 9220 NW 63rd Street, Parkville, MO 64152 uses earth friendly PPG Paint, With 50 years behind them, PPG paint has been at the forefront of electrocoat technology. PPG paint protects against corrosion and chemicals in the environment. Chemicals wear and dull the finish on a car. PPG paint also resists salt and humidity. PPG paint, which Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor uses in the auto body shop, has no lead, low volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and low Hazardous Air Pollutants.

Why does it matter?

An increase in  carbon emissions has been attributed to climate change and global warming which in turn affect decreasing water supplies, and increased rainfall, which leads to increased sediment and pollutants. These pollutants then enter the drinking water. Global warning has also been reported to contribute to an increase in wildfires, droughts, and storms. Changing weather, due to the greenhouse effect,  also influences food supplies, which lead to increase food costs and food insufficient children and families.

Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor cares about you!

Barbosa’s use of solar power and environmentally safe paint and products is more than a baby step to helping you get your back on the road and doing their part to keeping their carbon footprint low as a business!
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Hitting a Deer with your Car

If you are a hunter, you know when deer season is. If you are a motorist, you are aware that most every time you drive your car; you see a deer on the side of the road. Many times it is not alive. As sad as it is for the deer (and small kids who have to see it) it can also be dangerous if you hit one of these creatures going 50-60 mph. Deer mating season is October through December. According to State Farm Insurance, there is a 1 in 169 chance overall that you could hit a deer while driving. Missouri ranks 17th in the nation for the likelihood (1 in 117) that a driver will hit a deer. Kansas ranks 18th. Insurance claims for hitting a deer average about $4,000. Deer accidents send about 10,000 people to the hospital every year and kill 200.

How to avoid hitting a deer

Slow down When you see a deer know that there is probably more than one. If you can stop and honk your horn (safely), it is a good idea. That will startle the deer into crossing the road more quickly. If you choose not to stop and honk, proceed at a slow pace. Watch for deer at night Deer are nocturnal. Unfortunately, they are harder to see at night, as is everything else on the side of the road. When possible, use your bright lights through wooded areas. If you know that land is being cleared in your area, be alert. Deer may be looking for new places to mate and bed down. Scan both sides of the road, especially in areas with lots of trees or woods, while driving at night.

If you have to hit a deerHitting a deer with your car can be traumatic for you and your passengers. Call Barbosa's Kutom Kolor, 9220 NW 63rd Street, Parkville, MO 64152 to fix your car after you hit a deer.

As a driver, you can do more damage to your car and passengers if you try and swerve to avoid hitting the deer. Swerving off the road or into oncoming traffic to avoid a deer is not a good strategy to avoid hitting a deer. It is best to apply your brakes and hit the deer to avoid oncoming traffic or going off the road and hitting a tree, another car or a pedestrian. The best offense is a strong defense. If you do hit a deer, remain in your car. Never attempt to ascertain if the deer is dead. A kicking deer can cause a lot of bodily harm and may even kill you. Call your local police department or highway patrol.

Hitting a deer and your insurance claim

Hitting a deer is considered a no-fault accident. Your rates should not go up as a result of this type of an accident. If you hit a deer and your windshield has been severely cracked, or you cannot drive your car for other reasons, call your roadside service or your insurance company to have your vehicle towed. If the accident with the deer has caused damage to the body of your car, make sure your car is towed to your choice of a reputable auto body shop for repairs. Fall brings cooler temperatures, colorful leaves, and deer mating season. Drive cautiously and if you do hit a deer, know that your insurance will not go up and that Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor stands by all their auto body work and has outstanding customer service.
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Tips for Avoiding a Car Accident

Tips for Avoiding a Car Accident

The first and most important tip to avoid a car accident is to avoid drinking alcohol while driving. Never drink and drive. Always have a designated driver when others are drinking. If you have been drinking and do not have a designated driver, call a cab or use Uber. The consequences for drinking and driving can never be adequately calculated.

Avoid a Car Accident while Driving in the rain

Losing control of your car on wet pavement is a frightening experience. Unfortunately, it can happen unless you take preventive measures. Make sure your tires have the proper and safe amount of tread. Balding tires won’t give your car much traction when the surface of the road has water on it. Believe it or not, wearing sunglasses when it is raining and hard to see, can help cut the glare and help you see the road. If at all possible, pull over until the harder rain stops. Be sure to run off your lights so other cars do not follow you. If the rain turns to hail, try and take cover with your car under a bridge or a garage. Hail has been known to crack windshields and can cause a lot of damage to the roof and body of your vehicle. If you can't find cover, try and slow your car safely to a halt on the side of the road. Turn off the running lights. Do not attempt to get out of the car as hail can also cause harm to you!Avoid a potential car accident and follow these tips from Barbosa's Kutom Kolor, 9220 NW 63rd Street, Parkville, MO 64152

Avoid a Car Accident while Driving in the Snow

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), car accidents are the number one cause of death during winter storms. Defensive driving is important. Learning how to maneuver your vehicle when confronted with winter's elements could mean the difference between winding up in a snow bank on the side of the road and arriving safely at your destination. Make sure you always have an extra jacket, water, and your cell phone in reach (if you keep it in your pocket if you should end up in a ditch you should still be able to reach your phone) while driving. If you every get in an accident or find your car in the ditch, having your cell phone within reach will give you the chance to call for help. Snow can rapidly turn into ice on your windshield creating a low visibility situation. Remember to maximize the heat to your windshield when ice begins to form. If your visibility becomes dangerously unsafe, safely pull over and remove the ice with an ice scraper. As soon as the weather starts to warn of snow, make sure you have a good snow/ice scraper in your car with warm gloves to help you remove it.

Avoid a potential car accident- drivE a car with better visibility

When you are looking for a new car (or a used car), the best way to avoid accidents is to make sure there are as few blind spots as possible. Higher visibility will help you avoid accidents and keep you and your passengers safe. Good visibility is important for new drivers with little to no experience driving. The elements of rain, snow, ice and night-time driving for inexperienced drivers make purchasing and driving a car with good visibility even more important. If you do get into an accident and your car needs to be fixed (and you're OK, and the police have been called), call the Auto Body Repair specialists at Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor. Did you know you can choose the Auto Body Repair Shop you prefer to go to in the event your car needs to be towed? Give your insurance company or the tow truck driver the name and address of Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor and leave us a message (if it is after hours) and we’ll call you first thing in the morning. Getting into an accident can be frustrating. Dealing with your Auto Body Repair Shop doesn’t have to be. Contact us today!
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