Tips for Avoiding a Car Accident

Tips for Avoiding a Car Accident

The first and most important tip to avoid a car accident is to avoid drinking alcohol while driving. Never drink and drive. Always have a designated driver when others are drinking. If you have been drinking and do not have a designated driver, call a cab or use Uber. The consequences for drinking and driving can never be adequately calculated.

Avoid a Car Accident while Driving in the rain

Losing control of your car on wet pavement is a frightening experience. Unfortunately, it can happen unless you take preventive measures. Make sure your tires have the proper and safe amount of tread. Balding tires won’t give your car much traction when the surface of the road has water on it. Believe it or not, wearing sunglasses when it is raining and hard to see, can help cut the glare and help you see the road. If at all possible, pull over until the harder rain stops. Be sure to run off your lights so other cars do not follow you. If the rain turns to hail, try and take cover with your car under a bridge or a garage. Hail has been known to crack windshields and can cause a lot of damage to the roof and body of your vehicle. If you can’t find cover, try and slow your car safely to a halt on the side of the road. Turn off the running lights. Do not attempt to get out of the car as hail can also cause harm to you!Avoid a potential car accident and follow these tips from Barbosa's Kutom Kolor, 9220 NW 63rd Street, Parkville, MO 64152

Avoid a Car Accident while Driving in the Snow

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), car accidents are the number one cause of death during winter storms. Defensive driving is important. Learning how to maneuver your vehicle when confronted with winter’s elements could mean the difference between winding up in a snow bank on the side of the road and arriving safely at your destination. Make sure you always have an extra jacket, water, and your cell phone in reach (if you keep it in your pocket if you should end up in a ditch you should still be able to reach your phone) while driving. If you every get in an accident or find your car in the ditch, having your cell phone within reach will give you the chance to call for help. Snow can rapidly turn into ice on your windshield creating a low visibility situation. Remember to maximize the heat to your windshield when ice begins to form. If your visibility becomes dangerously unsafe, safely pull over and remove the ice with an ice scraper. As soon as the weather starts to warn of snow, make sure you have a good snow/ice scraper in your car with warm gloves to help you remove it.

Avoid a potential car accident- drivE a car with better visibility

When you are looking for a new car (or a used car), the best way to avoid accidents is to make sure there are as few blind spots as possible. Higher visibility will help you avoid accidents and keep you and your passengers safe. Good visibility is important for new drivers with little to no experience driving. The elements of rain, snow, ice and night-time driving for inexperienced drivers make purchasing and driving a car with good visibility even more important.

If you do get into an accident and your car needs to be fixed (and you’re OK, and the police have been called), call the Auto Body Repair specialists at Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor. Did you know you can choose the Auto Body Repair Shop you prefer to go to in the event your car needs to be towed? Give your insurance company or the tow truck driver the name and address of Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor and leave us a message (if it is after hours) and we’ll call you first thing in the morning. Getting into an accident can be frustrating. Dealing with your Auto Body Repair Shop doesn’t have to be. Contact us today!

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