3 Car Noises you Shouldn’t Ignore

3 Car Noises you Shouldn’t Ignore

We all know that sinking feeling when our car starts making a strange sound. We think about ignoring it and hope it will just go away. There are however certain car noises not to be ignored. They can lead to much worse problems down the road costing more money in the end. Some car noises can even be a warning of something making your car more susceptible to an accident or complete breakdown. There are three important sounds you should pay particular attention to.

Car Noises and what they can mean

1.Squealing during acceleration: We’ve all heard the high-pitched squealing sound some cars make when accelerating. This one is tough to ignore because it can be so loud, turning heads all around you. This tell-tale sound is often an indication that you have a fan or timing belt issue. This belt can be loose or reaching the end of its life. The bad news is once it snaps, your engine won’t work. These belts don’t last forever and many cars have maintenance tips for when it should be replaced. This might be a costly repair. The belt typically serpentines through your engine requiring a good amount of labor to replace.

2. Knocking inside the engine or when turning: Knocking sounds deep in the engine of your car can be a sign of serious issues. Rod bearing can be worn out or another part has come loose and is banging against the inside of the engine somewhere. This is a sound that should not be ignored. Bring your car right to the repair shop. If you experience a knocking sound when turning, coming from the front of the car, it could indicate a worn or failing CV joint. Again, this needs a timely trip to the repair shop for diagnosis. Driving could be dangerous depending on how bad the CV joint is.

3. Squeaking when braking: Most modern cars have a built-in squeak tab to alert drivers that their brake pads are worn. The squeak can start off small but continuously grow louder. It’s a good time to have your brake pads checked. If they become too thin, you can damage the rotors causing much more expensive repairs.

Keep your car in good shape on the inside and the outside

Keeping your car in good shape can be an expensive prospect but regular maintenance and paying attention to car noises can save money in the long run. Worn parts can fail which can cause worse engine damage or even an accident. Pay attention to these noises and find a mechanic you can trust to let you know about important repairs. When auto body repairs are needed, trust Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor located in Parkville, MO. They will get your car back in shape, deal with the insurance companies and even help arrange a loaner car. You’re in good hands at Barbosa’s.

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