Car Painting/ PPG Paint

Car Painting/ PPG Paint

The process for painting a car depends on the amount of the car that needs painting. For a car involved in a car accident that has a lot of auto body repairs, we execute the following: body primed, blocked (using a hand sander, which has a stiffer weight, the area is kept straight to avoid waves in the paint) and sanded. It is then checked for imperfections. The car is then sealed, painted and polished. It is then washed and presented for delivery.

We only paint what we need to paint

If your car has been in an accident or a fender bender, we want to paint as little of the car as we can. Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor’s primary goal is to keep as much of the integrity of the car as possible. A car’s original factory paint and the clear coat is going to hold up much better than any repair that is done. With that said, there are times when painting a car is unavoidable. The paint and coat that is applied by the factory were done robotically. Obviously, our Auto Body repair shop and all shops, apply paint with smaller equipment manually. Our car painting process involves matching the car paint and ascertaining if the paint needs to be blended toward the adjacent panel to get the perfect color to match for your car.

How good is the $129 paint job for your car?

If you want your car’s paint job to last and are looking to protect the integrity of the car, we do not recommend painting an entire car and paying $129 to do it. How do they paint a car for $129? They buy paint in bulk. This process involves washing the car, taping off the windows and wheels and then shooting the car with paint. The sanding and scuffing components of the car painting process do not take place. This process will result in a chipped and peeling paint job. This price point is attractive to some. Be aware that the car paint on this car painting process will not last, and the results will eventually look bad.

PPG Car Paint

Barbosa’s Kustom Kolor uses the PPG Paint System Waterbourne car paint. PPG is a water based, environmentally safe paint. It is a water based paint. We were looking for a paint that takes the isocyanates out of the process, and this paint meets these goals. Other paints create gasses in the process of car painting and because this paint is water based, there are no gas vapors. The transfer efficiency is much better with the PPG paint. PPG Paint, when applied, does not float into the atmosphere but adheres to the surface of the car. To dry the paint, we apply air blowers and not heat. We believe this process is better for the car and the environment.

We use PPG car paint to paint car panels for scratch and dents, PDR, Hail Damage and car accidents. Call (816)741-6348 and talk to us about your car and its painting needs.